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LDS Stakes in Oregon
  • Beaverton Oregon Stake
  • Beaverton Oregon West Stake
  • Bend Oregon Stake
  • Caldwell Idaho Stake
  • Cedar Mill Oregon Stake
  • Central Point Oregon Stake
  • Coos Bay Oregon Stake
  • Corvallis Oregon Stake
  • Eugene Oregon Santa Clara Stake
  • Eugene Oregon Stake
  • Grants Pass Oregon Stake
  • Gresham Oregon Stake
  • Hermiston Oregon Stake
  • Hillsboro Oregon Stake
  • Keizer Oregon Stake
  • Klamath Falls Oregon Stake
  • La Grande Oregon Stake
  • Lake Oswego Oregon Stake
  • Lebanon Oregon Stake
  • McMinnville Oregon Stake
  • Medford Oregon Stake
  • Milwaukie Oregon Stake
  • Monmouth Oregon Stake
  • Mount Hood Oregon Stake
  • Nyssa Oregon Stake
  • Ontario Oregon Stake
  • Oregon City Oregon Stake
  • Portland Oregon East Stake
  • Portland Oregon Stake
  • Rainier Oregon Stake
  • Redmond Oregon Stake
  • Roseburg Oregon Stake
  • Salem Oregon Stake
  • Springfield Oregon Stake
  • The Dalles Oregon Stake
  • Tualatin Oregon Stake
  • Walla Walla Washington Stake

  • LDS Temples in Oregon

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  • The Stake & Ward Directory
    We've created this directory to help you find LDS Wards and Branches in your area. Please let us know if you find any mistakes!

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    Ward & Branches - Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints belong to congregations called wards (larger congregations) and branches (smaller congregations). Each ward is presided over by a bishop, assisted by two counselors. Each branch is presided over by a branch president, assisted by two counselors.

    Stake - A "stake" is a collection of wards and branches, similar to a diocese. The term stake comes from Isaiah 33:20 and 54:2 in the Old Testament. A stake usually has 5 to 12 wards and branches and is presided over by a stake president, assisted by two counselors.

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